First Post

Had an idea for a small website and some ideas for the layout. Figured it was a chance to try out Grav and a light-weight CSS framework. The main purpose for the site was just to have a place to dump gaming related content (configs, mods, guides, etc) instead of posting it on the main site.

So far Grav seems like a nice flat-file content system to work with. From my limited experience playing with it, it seems to fulfill most of the things you'd want out of Wordpress for a small site. The learning curve for creating themes isn't that bad either. At first glance it seemed a bit daunting, seeing partials, modules, and twig and wondering what all of it does. Then you take a step back and its like, "Ahhh, okay, that makes sense."

I think in the future I might lean towards using Grav for sites instead of leaning so much on Wordpress.