RS2 Performance Config

Rising Storm 2 visuals on higher settings can be pretty immersive but I noticed random stuttering and other small issues when playing. The game uses UE3 so most of the tweaks you'd use in other UE3-based games can be used here.

The config uses the usual technique of lowering the texture group settings and then a mix other options are decreased as well. After playing the game with the changes I didn't run into noticeable stuttering and the mouse movement felt more immediate. The settings can go lower but this was about as low as I wanted to go for now.

As with any random config, go through the settings to see what was changed because my personal preference for settings might not match yours.

[09/22/18] Updated for RS2 1.1 Patch

RS2 Perf Config 001

RS2 Perf Config 002


Files Download
ROEngine.ini Download
ROInput_Example.ini View


Backup your existing ROEngine.ini file, it should be located here: \Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\Config\

Copy the new file to the Config directory.

Open the file in notepad and find the section that stores your screen resolution settings. The options should appear around line 781. Input the resolution you want to use when playing.


Save the file, then set it to Read Only so game updates won't overwrite it.

Optional Tweak
Since this game and Killing Floor 2 are more or less on the same engine, it turned out they had the a lot of the same settings, such as the Look Scale options. The default ROInput.ini had the same weird values for the Look Scale options. Based on what people said on forums and changing the settings to 0 and -0 as shown in the above file, the mouse movement felt more consistent like other shooters. Other people said they didn't notice anything weird, but after I tried the changed the values the movement felt more linear or flat. Who knows?