KF2 FPS Config

On maxed out settings Killing Floor 2 looks great and creates that horror movie atmosphere. But... all the flashy visuals can clutter the screen or if you're on a lower-end system lead to performance issues when things get hectic.

This config strips down a lot of the textures and effects that were giving me low frames per second when I had a weaker system. It doesn't really alter the textures on players or weapons though since I wanted to keep those decent looking for visibility. I enjoyed the performance and better visibility so much that I still use it on a system that can handle the higher graphics settings.

KF2 FPS Config 001

KF2 FPS Config 002

KF2 FPS Config 003

KF2 FPS Config 004


Files Download
KFSystemSettings.ini Download
KFInput_Example.ini View


Backup your existing KFSystemSettings.ini file, it should be located here: \Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\Config\

Copy the new file to the Config directory.

Open the file in notepad and find the section that stores your screen resolution settings. The options should appear around line 65. Input the resolution you want to use when playing.


Save the file, then set it to Read Only so game updates won't overwrite it.

Optional Tweak
I felt the mouse movement was off and stumbled across some old posts talking about a potential fix. The default KFInput.ini had odd values for the Look Scale options. After changing them to 0 and -0 as shown in the above file, the mouse movement felt more consistent like other shooters. Other people said they didn't notice anything weird, but after I changed the values the movement felt more linear or flat. Who knows?

As with most random configs, take some time to go through the file to understand how the settings work. Sometimes they include things that aren't only graphics related and might make the game feel strange to you.