Quake Config Grayscale

Not a fan of eye candy when it comes to first-person shooters. A lot of things add visual clutter and just get in the way. When the primary focus is to frag other players, especially in an arena shooter, these things become a distraction.

Played with settings and ended up with this config, it strips away most of the background textures and colors allowing you to better focus on your targets. Some maps, mainly community maps, might have small issues where things are too dark to identify. If you are familiar with the map then it's not a big deal. Probably not the most practical setup but still enjoyed using it.

Quake Config Grayscale 001

Quake Config Grayscale 002

Quake Config Grayscale 003


File Download
quake_grayscale_01.cfg Download
autoexec.cfg (optional) Download


Backup of all the existing config files so can switch back later. If you need to reset everything, delete the autoexec and set your options to the defaults through the in-game menu. (Haven't played in awhile, so going off memory)

Instead of putting all of the configuration options inside your autoexec.cfg and having to do the copy/rename dance with your files, you can use it to load your other configs.

The example autoexec.cfg has a single line that points to the config it will load on launch. You can also execute it through the console, but there are some options that might not update until you relaunch the game.

Copy the quake_grayscale_01.cfg and autoexec.cfg files into your baseq3 directory and you're done. If you want to use a different configuration, just point the autoexec to it.

The directory could be found here or somewhere similar:

As with most random configs, take some time to go through the file to understand how the settings work. Sometimes they include things that aren't only graphics related and might make the game feel strange to you.